About Us


AutoBoxClub is best known for high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing automotive accessories and for offering a wide array of 5-star rated products and services for your cars. It stands out in both quality, taste, and delivery. The company is founded and owned by Soo Kim, an industrial designer with a specialty in product design and packaging with over six years of experience in retail and e-commerce. Since 2016, the company has served over 50,000 customers nationwide including Subaru America, Syracuse University, and University of Illinois.

Furthermore, AutoBoxClub’s leadership is headed by one of the finest in the industry with a unique and refined approach to the craft. The company was inspired by the realization of the little to no intention of human-interface in the minds of the creators of these automobile products. Today, AutoBoxClub imbibes a great deal of attention-to-detail alongside these highly creative designs and quality products with a blend of powerful user-interface. As a result, AutoBoxClub continues to achieve 100% growth yearly.

These products are designed in the USA and manufactured in South Korea with exceptional quality measures and a meticulous approach. Additionally, its services include handling both small and large orders with an unwavering commitment to professionalism and delivery. AutoBoxClub is a team of driven professionals, creative minds, and game-changers who look forward to raising the competitive edge in the automotive product industry.

AutoBoxClub also offers personalized service and drives towards reaching an superior level of client retention and utmost satisfaction. It is propelled by its thoughtfully-crafted and goal-oriented slogan, 'when creativity meets quality.'